Files smaller than 10MB can be e-mailed directly to us at
If your file(s) are larger than that, please use our DropBox interface to upload a file as per below:

Click here  when you are ready to upload your file(s).


File Formats:
We work primarily with a PDF workflow. Artwork should be CMYK, 300dpi, and high resolution. If you are handling the design/setup of your file, please provide us with a PDF file with crop marks and .25” bleed. If you have multiple PDF files for your project, please zip them into a single ZIP File and upload that. If you are having us design your project, and need to provide pieces such as high res photos and a logo, please zip those files into a single ZIP file and upload that.

Naming your files:
It is important that you name your files descriptively — the file name should include your business name and project description, with no spaces or special characters (letters, numbers, and underscores or hyphens are okay).

Example of correct file naming:

Examples of incorrect file naming:
june’s file
business cards #4.pdf